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The Best Video Games Of 2021 So Far

Let’s get this out of the way: Given all the ~everything~, simply releasing a game in 2021 is nothing short of a miracle. Every single one deserves a round of applause. But some, let’s face it, are better than others. As summer wraps, we thought it’d be fun to shine a light on the games […]

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This Horror Game Has One Of The Best Narratives In Years

Scarlet Hollow is a quite incredible accomplishment. It’s one of the best narrative games I’ve played. Not only is this interactive fiction a deeply compelling and engrossing story, but it’s also an Inkle-level of branching story possibilities where your choices have long-reaching and significant effects on the story…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Happy Indie-Penance Day!

Shhhhhh, all the grown ups are distracted. Kotaku’s proper employees are all off doing whatever it is Americans do on Independence Day, and in a woefully ironic act, have allowed a Brit to take over the site. So aside from leaving crates of tea everywhere and graffitiing “Long Live King George III!” on various walls,…Read […]

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