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Like Most Americans, Trump Is Apparently Afraid of Self-Driving Cars

When you really get down to it, life is a constant struggle to maintain the illusion of control. Take those stupid buttons at crosswalks. The ones you jab while waiting for the hand to turn into the walking dude. That button does nothing—the traffic lights are on timers. Pressing the button over and over is […]

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AAA Is Sick of All These Different Driver Assistance Technology Names

If you’ve perused the features of a new car lately, chances are you’ve found something you’re not totally familiar with. What the hell is this “pedestrian protection” system? Why does this car have a “lane sway warning” but not an “alertness assist”? AAA is getting just as frustrated with all of the absurdly named…Read more… […]

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Here Are Some Handy Tips For Securing A Christmas Tree To Your Car

Now that Thanksgiving is over and done with, most of us can focus on the next big hurdle: Christmas. And since all retail stores collectively have started playing Christmas music on repeat until the holiday is over, I guess we can start thinking about Christmas trees and ensuing tree transfer, too.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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How To Avoid Being Scammed Into Buying A Hurricane-Damaged Car

Now that hurricanes Harvey and Irma have come and gone and most everyone affected can focus on rebuilding and recovering, that could also potentially mean buying a new car to replace the one that got destroyed. Problem is: how do you know if the new car you’re thinking about hasn’t also been hurricane damaged? Read […]

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