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Metro Exodus’ New Story DLC Feels Like It’s On Fast-Forward

The Metro series, in its best moments, is icky, verging on downright gross. Plenty of shooters try to capture a sense of place, but Metro bathes you in the grime and ichor that seeps from the clogged pores of its wounded world. The first level of Metro Exodus’ first DLC episode, “Two Colonels,” is no […]

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30 Hours With Metro Exodus

Before starting Metro Exodus, I replayed the entirety of its predecessor, cult hit post-apocalyptic shooter Metro: Last Light. Exodus’ first hour felt like it could’ve been part of that game. I skulked around in train tunnels, got chomped on by mutants, and listened to underground denizens chatter endlessly about…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Metro Exodus Leaves The Train Tunnels For A Dangerous Open Russia

Our train slowly chugged to a halt. Something was apparently blocking the road up ahead, possibly put there by a rival band of survivors. The captain sent my character out to investigate. Moments later, I was killed by a giant floating orb of static. Post-nuclear Russia is not a place to explore blindly.Read more… Continue […]

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