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MEMBERS ONLY: Beto Shouldn’t Run In 2020, But Not Because He Can’t Win

This week, outgoing Congressman Beto O’Rourke said he would not rule out running for president in 2020. While a tantalizing prospect, should Beto run, he may be missing an opportunity to build something else far more powerful in the long run…. To continue reading this article, please go here.Continue reading Continue Reading at

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The NRA Lost $55 Million In 2017

According to tax records obtained by The Daily Beast, the NRA’s income dropped $55 million, from $367 in 2016 to $312 million in 2017, ending in the red for the second year in a row after spending a substantial amount to elect Donald Trump. The lack of revenue comes from a decline in donations, bad […]

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Democrats On Track To Flip 40th House Seat

On Election Night, networks called California’s 21st congressional district for incumbent Republican David Valadao over Democratic challenger TJ Cox. The district, which encompasses parts of Fresno as well as the Central Valley, the state’s largest agricultural region, has not elected a Democrat to … Continue reading

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MEMBERS ONLY: Bernie Sanders Still Can’t Talk About Racism

Photo: Jeff Mitchell/Getty Images Bernie Sanders lost the 2016 Democratic primary because black women – the Democratic Party’s most reliable voting bloc – voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton during the early Southern primaries, giving her a delegate lead he could never overcome….  To … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Florida Governor And State Races Likely Headed For Recounts

In the year 2000, a Democratic candidate with the initials “A.G.” conceded a close election in Florida only to find that the results were closer than he thought and demanded a recount. Now, 18 years later, a Democratic candidate with the initials “A.G.” conceded a close election in Florida only to … Continue reading

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Chuck Schumer Can No Longer Be Senate Leader

One of my least favorite traits about Democrats is that we tend to get dissatisfied with our leaders pretty quickly. In the year following Obama’s inaugural, major news outlets were already writing articles saying Obama was disappointing them, despite the fact that he hadn’t even served a full term …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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