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Bernie Goes Full…Trump? Blames Hillary For Russian Interference

Last night, I saw this tweet, and variations of it, explode across my social media feeds: To be honest, I blew it off because it sounded like something taken out of context. For most of 2017, there was a very healthy media cottage industry built around keeping the Hillary/Bernie war going because …Continue reading Continue […]

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Shaun King to His Fellow Progressives: Stop With the “Both Parties are the Same” Bullsh*t

Last night, I read Shaun King’s “Atlanta Mayoral Race Shows What Happens When Progressives Don’t Compromise” and almost wept with joy. As one of the loudest voices in Bernie’s movement, King has spent an awful lot of time playing purity politics. If his preferred candidate didn’t win, then fuck …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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NBC Just Exposed Donna Brazile’s “Rigged” Claim as a Total Lie

Now that the Purity Left (as well as Trump and his supporters) is all up in arms again over Donna Brazile’s “courageous” revelation that the dreaded Hillary Clinton rigged the primary, robbed poor Bernie, kicked a puppy, and stole money from the orphanage, the rest of the story is coming …Continue reading Continue Reading at […]

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