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Weekend Rewind: Carl Cox’s 2009 Essential Mix remains a timeless underground effort more than a decade later

With an electronic legacy as storied as BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix series, Carl Cox has etched his name in the dance music history books, and his 2009 contribution to Pete Tong‘s airwaves is proof that Cox’s status as one of the genre’s most celebrated advancers is well deserved. More than a decade since the […]

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Some broken souls are holed up in a subreddit, trying to replicate the internet as it was in 2009

The internet can seem like a lost cause in 2019. The state of things online being what they are, it’s easy to long for a digital refuge, a safe space evoking the internet of yesteryear. Enter: r/Stuck10YearsBehind, the subreddit where no one can tell you it isn’t still 2009.Read more… Continue Reading at

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