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That Low-Ass Bridge Isn’t So Low Anymore But It’s Still Low Enough To Mess Up Some Trucks

I know we all lamented the painful eight inches of cowardice that was added to Durham, North Carolina’s famous 11-foot, eight-inch bridge, in an effort to cause less sardine-canning of various trucks and trailers that foolishly ignore the height restrictions of the bridge. Thankfully, though, it seems our worries may…Read more… Continue Reading at

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North Carolina’s Infamous Low-Ass Bridge Will Soon Be Raised

I have some bad news for those of you who enjoyed watching box trucks get sardine can’d on Durham, North Carolina’s most famous unforgiving bridge: the brutal 11 Foot 8 bridge. Miserably but rationally, the cruel, truck-roof-hungry bridge will be raised, to 12 feet four inches. This rail overpass has been a meager 11…Read more… […]

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The 11-Foot-8 Bridge Claims Another Sacrifice to the God of Things That Are Taller Than You Thought

It’s happened again! Durham, North Carolina’s most famous, dynamic, and charismatic bridge-citizen, the 11 Foot 8 railway bridge, has once again demanded a sacrifice, and once again the Great Trucker has provided. This time, it’s a “bucket truck,” one of those work trucks with a mechanical arm to raise a human worker…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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That Low-Ass Bridge Will Not Stop Destroying Vans In 2018

The famed 11-foot-8 bridge, affectionately known as ‘the can-opener bridge’, is a train trestle in Durham, North Carolina that has been tearing the tops off of unsuspecting rental trucks for years. This particular crash happened on New Year’s Eve, and the trend doesn’t show any signs of ending in 2018, so hold on to…Read more… […]

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