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Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump Are Full of Sh*t

Despite every piece of evidence heavily signaling that the environment is about to be irrevocably fucked by the Trump administration, the president’s daughter and son-in-law continued to show that they are becoming frighteningly adept at normalizing this presidency by nudging Trump away from …

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New Accuser Claims Bill O’Reilly Would “Grunt Like a Wild Boar”, Call Her “Hot Chocolate”

Bill O’Reilly is finally getting the humiliation he almost certainly doled out to the many women he has worked with over the years after the details about the multiple women Fox paid off to keep quiet about him harassing them became public. Not only ha…

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The President of Turkey Just Seized More Autocratic Power, So Trump Called to Congratulate Him

Back in March, major news outlets reported on a story that, on the surface, seemed insane. Former CIA Director, James Woolsey, alleged that he attended a meeting in September, 2016 with officials from Turkey and Donald Trump’s foreign policy mentor, Mi…

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‘The Intercept’ Goes to War Against Rachel Maddow’s Investigative Reporting on RussiaGate

(The Daily Banter’s Justin Rosario also covered the Maddow story here.)The Intercept, the news and opinion site run in part by Glenn Greenwald, has been known from the very beginning as an outlet where investigative journalism was allowed flourish…

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Rachel Maddow Attacked by Greenwald Left For Too Much Reporting On Russia

Glenn Greenwald’s ostensibly liberal “The Intercept” is still hard at work trying to convince the world that the mountain of evidence piling up that Donald Trump is a puppet (“No puppet! No puppet!”) of Vladimir Putin is fake news. Their latest target …

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