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Bizarre Science Fiction Novel Sheds Light On What The Technological Singularity Will Be Like

Having read (and also written) quite a lot of science fiction it took me a surprisingly long time to read Charles Stross’ landmark book Accelerando. Originally written in sections from 2000-2005, the book has already proven remarkably prescient with the spread of the global internet and the collapse of old social norms. Although we won’t […]

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The Root Cause Of Our Problems With Government Is Tight Centralization

Have you ever wondered why leftists can push their agendas in government even when they’re flagrantly against the will of the majority? How do they get away with this? In a representative democracy, it shouldn’t work that way, but “shouldn’t” and five bucks gets you a cheeseburger. Excessive centralization helps them impose their will on […]

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How The Song “Scars To Your Beautiful” Fuels Our Culture Of Entitlement

A song rampant on the radio recently caught my ear for its troubling thematics. Its lyrics perfectly encapsulate the mindset of today’s Me Culture of Entitlement. The pop number currently clogs up the FM channels, exposing radio listeners to a misguided take-home message about “self-love”. We all know about the deficiencies of modern music, but this […]

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