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How to Get Started in Google’s New Podcasts App

Android: There are plenty of people who don’t need bells and whistles when an easy-to-understand, well-designed app will do. And that’s my impression of Google’s new Podcasts app—teased for some time and finally made available for download as of yesterday.Read more… Continue Reading at

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I’m Patrick Moberg, Creator of Dots and Two Dots, and This Is How I Work

Patrick Moberg has wasted hours of your life, or of the life of someone next to you in a waiting room. His studio Dots created the beautiful and addictive mobile game Dots (the thinking person’s Candy Crush), and its sequels Two Dots and Dots & Co, all of which are on millions of phones. We […]

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Keep a Few Coins In Your Wallet When You Go Adventuring Outdoors

Losing your wallet is like losing a part of you. Everything is in there—your driver’s license, your credit cards, your membership IDs, and your photos of loved ones. This clever trick can help you avoid losing your wallet forever the next time you venture out into the outdoors.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Fix This Mac Security Flaw by Deleting Your Quick Look Cache

A new, unpleasant report making the rounds today is a great reminder that your Mac’s Quick Look feature—useful as it might be for previewing files by mashing your space bar—stores information about the contents of encrypted USB drives you’ve connected to your system.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Alternatives to the Best New iOS 12 Features That You Can Use Right Now

Apple unveiled some killer new features in its WWDC 2018 keynote presentation earlier this month. In iOS 12 (which you can beta-test right now), users will be able to train Siri, stop sites from tracking them, and limit how much time they spend in apps. The worst part? These new features won’t officially launch until…Read […]

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How to Make a Meal Plan For Your Next Vacation

I’ve always been a fan of pre-travel planning, to the point that I build a packing grid before every trip. The packing grid includes outfit components for every day of travel (based on predicted weather and activity), as well as a list of essentials that I don’t want to leave behind: Advil, Band-Aids, my Fitbit…Read […]

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