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Friday the 13th Studio Says It Hasn’t ‘Abandoned’ The Game

Yesterday, Friday the 13th fans collectively yelped in terror when they discovered that developer Illfonic is working on a new game. They presumed this meant that Illfonic had moved on from the most popular game in the emerging “getting axe-murdered by 12 year-olds” genre. Not true, the studio says.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Call of Duty Commentator Raises Funds For Anti-Bullying Charity After Getting Kink Shamed

Call of Duty commentator Jack Campbell left his esports career behind last month in the wake of the internet’s response to leaked screencaps that implied he had a foot fetish. In his goodbye video, Campbell explained, “This has now affected my personal life, my family, and me personally… It’s too much for me now, and…Read […]

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