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In Injustice 2, the Joker’s Crowbar Means Nothing to Jason Todd

Before he became the Red Hood, Jason Todd met a grisly fate at the hands of the Joker in the iconic A Death in the Family storyline, including a horrifying beating with a crowbar. At least now in Injustice 2, Jason can enact some justice (both poetic and physically) against the clown prince of crime […]

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Some Blue Shells Have Minds Of Their Own

You’re in first place and the finish line is in sight. Everything is going just fine until you hear that weird electronic whirring coming from behind. Someone’s dropped a blue shell and you think your doomed when all of the sudden it hits the person just behind you instead. Sacré bleu! Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Some Thoughts On Arms After Playing This Weekend’s Open Beta

Arms is hard to pin down, both literally and figuratively. While this weekend’s global testfires offered a good introduction to the house of whimsical party combat Nintendo is trying to build, a quick stroll around inside left me wondering, Peggy Lee-style, if that’s all there is.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Rime Dev Says It Will Drop Denuvo DRM Once The Game Is Cracked

Rime, the indie game caught halfway between Ico and Journey was released last week. With Denuvo DRM. Like a lot of games. But that made some players angry, and prompted the developer, Tequila Works, to state that once the Denuvo DRM is broken, which it eventually always is, the company will release a DRM-free version…Read […]

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The Plot Twist In Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Is A Lot More Believable Today 

Most video games are content just to string the player along through dungeons, towns, or corridors full of machine gun cover while dishing out character arcs and weapon upgrades. Only a few try to reflect on the nature of reality and human existence. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time tried to do both.Read more… […]

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