BARDZ — ‘B Side – pt III’

BARDZ — ‘B Side – pt III’BARDZ

After breaking the B Side ice with part one of the EP triptych in mid-May, BARDZ is closing the series with B Side – pt III. Following pt II‘s flight at the start of July, pt III has landed in full, finding further definition in “Seem To Have Forgotten,” the last of the EP’s four inclusions.

Trailing “Little Time,” “Telling Me,” and “Even Know,” each of which landed in October, comes “Seem To Have Forgotten.” The tracklisting arrives in tandem with B Side – pt III, allowing listeners to experience the EP as BARDZ intended: from start to finish.

To BARDZ’s credit, although the latest B Side – pt III inclusion manifests as a harmonious union of sonic elements, not all of the pieces of the “Seem To Have Forgotten” puzzle were concurrently fit together. BARDZ explained,

“‘Seem To Have Forgotten'” is a special track on the EP, as it’s been in progress for years. Parts of this song, including the chordal arrangements, instrumentation, and melody have been slowly written and built up over time in fragments needing a home. When this song was fully realized, all the pieces seemed to finally fit effortlessly together and the rest came naturally, as lyrics were written at the very end.”

Stream B Side – pt III in full below.

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