Futura Launches First NYC Exhibition in Over 30 Years

After designing limited enamel pins to support the U.S. Postal Service, Futura has now kicked off his first New York City solo exhibition in over 30 years. Titled “Futura 2020,” the presentation is taking place at Eric Firestone Gallery’s new ground-floor location at 40 Great Jones Street.

The influential graffiti artist is displaying twenty new abstract paintings featuring his signature sprayed atoms, intuitive brushstrokes and atmospheric spatter. The compositions are largely comprised of subdued tones such as black, umber gray and white alongside sporadic speckles of gold and luminous tones.

“My gallery has focused on artists and work that deserve closer examination. I’ve long been a fan of FUTURA2000 -- he is truly a brilliant artist. While so many people know his name solely from the context of graffiti, he deserves recognition in the greater canon of important American artists,” said gallery owner, Eric Firestone.

“Futura 2020” is on view until December 5, 2020. Timed reservations are required to enter the presentation and social distancing rules will be enforced. Head to Eric Firestone Gallery’s website for more information.

Elsewhere in art, artist-designed guitars are being auctioned to support marginalized groups in the United Kingdom.

Eric Firestone Gallery
40 Great Jones St #4
New York, NY 10012

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