Ekali’s estranged fiancé accuses producer of domestic, verbal abuse

Ekali’s estranged fiancé accuses producer of domestic, verbal abuseEkali Awakening Radio Mi 001

In a series of tweets sent on October 18, Ekali‘s ex-fiancé Sam Black accused the producer, lesser known as Nathan Shaw, of extensive domestic and verbal abuse, as well as infidelity and ongoing substance abuse. “You put me through hell by gaslighting, lying, cheating, and abusing me, abusing drugs, going to rehab, which I stood by you for,” Black wrote.

Shortly after publishing the statement, Black, who said she has “about 85 photos and videos and emails” demonstrative of the abuse, shared photos of bruises on both of her arms.

Black went on to share several direct messages from Ekali fans who reportedly had sexual encounters with the producer while Black and Shaw were together. It is unclear whether the alleged encounters consistently transpired with underage fans. One of the messages that Black anonymously tweeted notes that the girls that Ekali invited both backstage and to his hotel room after a November 2019 show were “barely 18.” This specific incident is said to have taken place during the same time that Black and Shaw got engaged; the two publicly announced their engagement on November 18, 2019.

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