ORBIT: AMPLIFY Playlist—DJ 4rain [Q&A]

ORBIT: AMPLIFY Playlist—DJ 4rain [Q&A]DJ 4rain 1

Over the past few weeks, electronic artists have celebrated the musical contributions of black artists by compiling ORBIT: AMPLIFY playlists. The playlists have succinctly spotlit productions from black artists and artists of color that have influenced these artists’ careers, and on a simpler level, kept them moving and grooving. 

Following respective ORBIT: AMPLIFY playlists from Whethan, CuppyCeCe RogersMartin BadderLoud LuxuryAkira AkiraAnabel EnglundBrando, and Major Lazer‘s Walshy Fire, DJ 4rain curates Dancing Astronaut‘s ORBIT: AMPLIFY Playlist for the week of August 10.

DJ 4rain, born Stephan Tavares, is a French-born, Miami-based DJ and producer whose music is an eclectic blend of Caribbean rhythms, hip-hop beats, and electronic sensibility. His wide range of sonic inspiration is tied directly to his community: the hip-hop music he listens to with his friends, the African music favored by his family, and the EDM and festival-inspired sounds that come from his career. With big-name collaborations alongside the likes of Tory Lanez and Meek Mill already under his belt, Tavares is making a name for himself with his multi-genre approach and his dynamic aural signature.

His 17-track ORBIT: AMPLIFY playlist highlights black artists like Carl Cox, Black Coffee, Idris Elba, and Afro Bros, who have served as Tavares’ personal inspirations. DJ 4rain’s playlist also features ORBIT: AMPLIFY alum, Walshy Fire.

In addition to sharing his ORBIT: AMPLIFY playlist and hinting at a future collaboration with Fire, DJ 4Rain talked with Dancing Astronaut about his path to producing, his role in Lanez’s Grammy-nominated track, “LUV,” and finding his calling in music.

How do you get started as a DJ/producer? Was there a specific moment when you knew you were going to go all in and pursue this path?


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