Could Honda’s Legendary Motocompo be Making a Return?

Honda fans may soon have a big reason to get excited. It has just been reported that Honda U.S. has trademarked the name "Motocompacto" -- a compact electric scooter. For those familiar with '80s Honda inventions, the name "Motocompacto" is a nod towards its revolutionary motorized Motocompo "trunk bike" folding 50cc scooter.

Able to fit perfectly in the trunk of a Honda City, the Motocompo's handlebars and seat could be stowed into the body resulting in a compact rectangular shape. The Motocompo had a 2.2L fuel capacity enabling it to travel up to 140 kilometers on a full tank and weighed just 99 pounds with fuel.

While this trademark filing does not guarantee that a Honda "Motocompacto" will see the light of day in the U.S. market, the possibility alone to have a modern-day electric version of the cult-status scooter is an intriguing thought.

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