TASCHEN Traces the Hidden History of ‘Tarot’ in Comprehensive Book

TASCHEN will soon release a comprehensive book on the 600-year-old occult practice of Tarot cards. Penned by seminal author and filmmaker Jessica Hundley, the monograph explores the imagery, symbolism, and history of over 500 cards and original artworks. The book also highlights designs from renowned artists from Salvador Dalî to Niki de Saint Phalle.

The 520-page tome is described as the first of its kind, covering centuries-old iconography including ancient symbols, historic events, religious allegories and more. These divination cards have long been used as a tool for spiritual guidance, using static images to shed light on a person’s particular situation, desire and complex dilemmas.

"To explore the Tarot is to explore ourselves, to be reminded of the universality of our longing for meaning, for purpose and for a connection to the divine. This 600-year-old tradition reflects not only a history of seekers, but our journey of artistic expression and the ways we communicate our collective human story," as per a statement.

Tarot is available for pre-order now on Taschen’s website for $40 USD.

Elsewhere, artists are displaying cryptic paintings in a new online exhibition hosted by James Fuentes Gallery called “Abstract with Figure.”

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