Artists Display Cryptic Paintings in “Abstract With Figure” Online Exhibition

James Fuentes Gallery continues to highlight emerging and underrepresented artists in its programming. The New York City gallery's latest online show, "Abstract With Figure," features the works of nine painters that merge figuration and abstraction to shed light on individual stories in a diverse range of emotion-charged compositions. Curated by Katrin Lewinsky and Ace Ehrlich, the group of artists utilize different modes of abstraction to portray "ambiguous and imagined worlds" filled with objects, people and spaces relating to their personal experiences.

"Working outside and alongside the figurative-abstract continuum, the artists create pictures whose associative, often cryptic imagery calls into question that dichotomy’s continuing usefulness; rather than attempt to synthesize abstraction and figuration, they simply let the two compete for visual primacy," said the gallery in a statement. "Sometimes this process results in a push-and-pull effect, where images nudge their way through the ether, coming to dominate the picture with graspable familiarity."

Participating artists include James Collins, Anthony Cudahy, Kathia St. Hilaire, Anna Jung Seo, Lumin Wakoa, Derek Paul Jack Boyle, Eleanor Swordy, Tenki Hiramatsu, and Sedrick Chisom. View select works in the slideshow above and then visit James Fuentes Gallery's website to learn more.

Elsewhere in art, six suspects have been arrested over the theft of a Banksy mural from Bataclan.

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