‘Rick and Morty’ Share Emotional “Don’t Look Back” Music Video

Shortly after the Rick and Morty Season 4 finale premiere, Adult Swim shared a music video for "Don't Look Back." Performed by Kotomi and co-written with Ryan Elder, the song debuted by the end of the episode. If you haven't watched the finale, be warned — spoilers lay ahead.

The Season 4 finale shocked fans as they saw the return of Clone Beth, further revealing that Beth actually left the decision of her cloning up to her dad. The accompanying visual begins with Rick playing back an erased memory regarding that choice, but he eventually refuses to discover if the Beth we've been watching in Season 4 is actually his real daughter. Clips of the father and daughter bonding throughout the season are also weaved in along with several stills from different episodes.

Watch Rick and Morty's "Don't Look Back" music video above.

Elsewhere in music, Dua Saleh addressed police brutality on her new track, "body cast."

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