Skrillex shares track list for forthcoming LP

Skrillex shares track list for forthcoming LPSkrille Smokin Amazon AWS 2018 Rukes

After issuing several thinly veiled hints indicating that he had not one but multiple studio albums in the works and nearing completion, Skrillex is one step closer to releasing his first solo LP since 2014’s Recess. After announcing that he had started “final mixes on this first album” on March 21, Skrillex has quietly followed this update with the track list for the project, which currently remains nameless.

To date, Skrillex has disclosed little information about his forthcoming albums, other than the fact that they are currently in development. The “Midnight Hour” hit-maker’s reticence has provided fans with no clear sense of the stylistic direction that he will follow on these impending releases, but as the track list for this first LP evidences, it appears that Skrillex will remain rooted in dubstep.

Interestingly, six of the production’s eight total tracks are titular allusions to prior Skrillex releases, such as opening number, “Purple Ferrari,” which borrows from Skrillex’s 2016 Rick Ross feature, “Purple Lamborghini.” Ross has been invited back to grace what appears to be the sonic sequel to the earlier single.

Beyond “Purple Ferrari,” Skrillex issues a nod to his 2019 cut, “Fuji Opener,” with “Fuji Closer.” Skrillex also references “Dirty Vibe,” produced and released alongside Diplo in 2014, with fellow track list inclusion, “Clean Vibe.”

The title-less LP will feature collaborations with Nitti Gritti, Justin Bieber, and Diplo, who will assist on “Bangarang Gang” with Sirah, who was included on the iconic 2011 single, “Bangarang.” Skrillex will presumably announce the album’s title and official release date in the near future.

Track list:

  1. Purple Ferrari (with Rick Ross)
  2. Yeah I’m Emo, Who F*cking Cares
  3. Fuji Closer
  4. Clean Vibe
  5. Bangarang Gang (with Sirah and Diplo)
  6. SQUAD IN!
  7. I Found Ü (with Justin Bieber)
  8. Up The Ante (with ...
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