Minecraft Player Builds Entire Earth to Scale With New Mod


For those looking for a new project or simply something to make these stay-at-home days more exciting, you're in luck: a YouTuber has created planet Earth at full scale in Minecraft, and he's recruiting other players to help him finish building all of its man-made structures.

The feat was achieved by YouTube gamer PippenFTS and made possible via two different mods, Terra 1-to-1 and Cubic Chunks. In the ordinary version of the game, the build height is limited to just 255 meters, so Cubic Chunks was required to transform these "Minecraft chunks to 16x16x16 cube, giving you infinite build depth in both vertical directions". Once the limitations were removed, he then used Terra 1-to-1, which takes data from geographical archives such as Google Maps and turns them into blocks, allowing him to map out the entire planet. Unfortunately, the mod is unable to recognize man-made structures, and so all buildings have been simply rendered as terrain. To remedy this, PippenFTS is now recruiting fellow Minecraft players for his "Build The Earth" project, hoping that the Internet can come together and construct 1:1 scale cities and towns in their own maps, which can then all be combined together into a fully-built world in the game.

If you're interested in contributing to the project, PippenFTS has started a Discord channel which you can join now.

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