MAPLE & Elhaus Craft Artful Hawaiian Shirt and Silver Whistle

MAPLE and Elhaus have teamed up for a disco-themed Hawaiian shirt and silver whistle. The bold artwork seen on the Hawaiian shirt is inspired by the distinctive style of American cartoonist Robert Crumb, who was also the muse for MAPLE's Spring/Summer 2020 lookbook seen earlier around the beginning of the month.

Made from 100% lyocell fabric, the Hawaiian shirt is emblazoned with a series of colorful drawings of cartoons and artful caricatures by Dwiky Ka. Besides metallic "MAPLE" and "Elhaus" branding or Crumb-inspired artwork, the graphics also come with familiar motifs, like depictions of Keith Haring's dog characters and portraits of a person dressed in the attire of the Statue of Liberty. Rounding up the design, the shirt boasts a semi-boxy fit, notched lapels and cream-colored buttons for a refined look.

The silver whistle is etched with a slogan that's printed on the Hawaiian shirt — "IT'S THE TRIP THAT KEEPS US ALIVE." A stylized MAPLE logo is engraved on the right side of the piece, complemented by "Elhaus" on the reverse. Offsetting the silver pendant, the piece comes with the option of either a black or teal leather strap, complete with a silver bead for adjusting the length.

MAPLE and Elhaus' collaborative Hawaiian shirts and silver whistle are currently available at MAPLE's website, ranging from $117 – $171 USD.

In case you missed it, check out MAPLE's vibrantly styled SS20 lookbook.

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