Sunset Rollercoaster Releases a Psychedelic Love Story Visual For “My Jinji”

To celebrate the four-year anniversary of its more popular track, Sunset Rollercoaster has released a new visual for "My Jinji." Directed by Gystere Peskine, the music video from the Taiwanese soul-psych outfit is centered around a psychedelic love story.

Inspired by '90s era Hong Kong films, the visual loosely follows a fallen warrior that falls in love with a princess from a faraway galaxy. But the protagonist played by lead vocalist/guitarist Kuo Hung Tseng seems to have lost his memory until a bee shows up. Accompanied by playful subtitles, the visual also features cuts of the band performing the song in retro sci-fi-inspired outfits.

Check out Sunset Rollercoaster's music video for "My Jinji" below.

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