The Oculus Quest Can Now Track Your Hands Without Any Controllers

Oculus has been working on controller-free hand tracking for a while now, with the company originally estimating a launch date sometime in 2020. However, according to a new blog post on its website, the feature is getting a debut this week on the company's standalone headset — the Quest — way ahead of schedule.

To make this new technology possible, the Quest headset relies on its inside-out tracking system, which utilizes a set of built-in cameras and sensors to locate where your body and hands are within a virtual space in relation to the VR goggles. At launch, the new feature will mostly be supported by in-house apps, such as the device's library, store, and browser pages as well as Oculus TV. The tech company plans to release a developer toolset in the following week, which will hopefully lead to a greater variety of apps and games supporting hand tracking.

The announcement says that the new v12 update will be rolled out in the coming days, which will include the new function as part of its "Experimental Features." Quest users can simply head to the Oculus menu screen to toggle between the Touch controller setting or controller-free hands tracking.

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