Cult Classic ‘Starship Troopers’ Is Getting a Video Game in 2020

Video game publisher Slitherine has announced that the cult classic film Starship Troopers — based on Robert A. Heinlein’s sci-fi novel with the same name — is now getting an all-new real-time strategy game, developed by Belgian developer The Artistocrats.

Titled Starship Troopers - Terran Command, the upcoming title will be the first game from the IP to release since 2000, when Hasbro and Blue Tongue Entertainment launched Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy. Based in the same universe as the 1997 film, Terran Command will put players in charge of the Mobile Infantry and direct troops to fight off Arachnid swarms which have taken over a human colony. The game is said to combine different game mechanics such as real-time strategy, tower defense and tactical unit deployment to create a realistic RTS experience for fans of the original movie.

“We aimed to capture the essence of the original movie and its universe,” said Slitherine's Development Director Iain McNeil. “This is not only achieved by creating a coherent set of units and scenarios, but also by mimicking the language, visual elements, dialogues, and the little details that made the film such an iconic, cult feature.”

There's currently no official release date, but the game is slated to come out some time in 2020. You can check out the announcement trailer above and preview its gameplay below, or head over to it's Steam page to learn more now.

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