Instagram Launches “On This Day” Function to Bring Back Your Favorite Memories

If you're a fan of Throwback Thursdays, you'll love what Instagram has just implemented. Much like its Facebook counterpart, the mobile social platform will now suggest old memories from your feed through a new function called "On This Day," which comes as part of the new Create mode Instagram is pushing out.

As its name suggests, On This Day will show you a random post from previous years on the same date. You can easily cycle through them if there are multiple, and once you've found your favorite one, you can easily reshare it via Stories in an embed which other users can open.

It's actually not the first time Instagram gave this idea a try. Earlier this year, the social media platform launched a function called Memories, which also allows users to reshare some of their most memorable throwbacks. However, the function was very well hidden — probably not intentionally — and so its utility rate was rather low. Now, coming as part of Create mode, On This Day will be much more accessible for those who'd like to relive or commemorate a special moment from the past.

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