Casanova Showcases NYC’s Grit With Travelogue-Like Visual for “So Brooklyn” Feat. Fabolous

Casanova has dropped the music video for his latest single “So Brooklyn,” featuring fellow Brooklyn native Fabulous. Directed by Rock Davis, the visual hones in on the rapper’s home, transforming the video into a travelogue that depicts iconic spots from Coney Island to Church Avenue, the Brooklyn Bridge and more. As is expected with the hometown ode, Casanova has brought out his entourage and more Brooklynites — including Papoose, Flipp Dinero, Fetty Luciano, 2 Milly, and Lance Stephenson — for the video.

You can watch the video for "So Brooklyn" above. The visual follows Casanova's #SoBrooklynChallenge in which people can directly record their own verse over the track's instrumental. If you'd like to participate, you can join in here.

For more music videos, Young Dolph and Key Glock just dropped a visual for "Back to Back."


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First, and Foremost, I am Loving ALL of The #SoBrooklynChallenge Videos. Please Know The Purpose of The Challenge is to: Bring Back Real Authentic Rap, Unite Artist From Brooklyn (as we have become our own worst enemy and competitors). As well As Bring Unity, and Bridge Gaps Between Artists Across The Globe. Lastly, to Provide a Platform, Uncover and Expose Talent of Overlooked Artist and Entertainers. The Videos I Chose to Post Thus Far, Represent Raw Rap and Pain. If You Want to Be Posted, Put Your All Into The Verse. I am Not Reposting Based Upon Affiliation, Clout, Friendship, Social Media Following, or Because You Asked. No More “Hating” In The Comments, Apply Your Energy to The Music! Lets Get Back to The Essence! And most of my so called friends that’s asking me to post them or mad that I didn’t post them never even posted the song “SO ...

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