Habstrakt debuts first-ever music video, with Monstercat-housed ‘The One’

Habstrakt debuts first-ever music video, with Monstercat-housed ‘The One’Habstrakt

Parisian bass music producer, Adam “Habstrakt” Jouneau, has returned to newfangled Toronto label housing, Monstercat, for his debut music video showing and adjoining single, “The One.”

The visual is set, first, on an ostensibly normal nighttime road, but soon contorts into a scorching, Mad Max-esque terrain. The track pulses fervently as the chaos of video’s whirlwind narrative and almost whimsically austere characters whip across the screen. Metallic synths grind and churn, while a heavily pitched-up vocal cut, compliments of Habstrakt’s close friend and longtime collaborative partner, Pauline Herr, skips atop the quixotic production.

The track itself traces Monstercat’s recent synergistic shift into scoring video games, namely the widely popular driving game, Rocket League. “The One” is currently being featured in the game’s official soundtrack.

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