Artist Fabian Oefner Slices up Vintage Cameras to Create Resin Sculptures

Interdisciplinary artist Fabian Oefner recently unveiled a new series called 'CutUp' in which he used a band slaw to slice a slew of vintage cameras to create one-of-a-kind resin sculptures. Oefner aims to show the inner workings of these valuable devices by placing their pieces inside clear resin. His process involves utilizing a “unique mix of high-end and low-end technologies” to develop each sculptural work, often using vacuum and pressure chambers that are capable of reaching distinct temperatures and atmospheric pressures. The resin blocks are then sliced using a band saw before being polished by hand.

Watch his creation process in the video above and view more projects by visiting Fabian Oefner’s website.

In other artworks, Philadelphia-based artist Paul Rouphail will display unconventional still life paintings as part of an exhibition called “At Home.”

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