‘Mid90s’ Star Olan Prenatt Skates the Las Vegas Trade Shows

Skateboarding has long been a prominent part of streetwear culture and the brands it breeds so it makes sense that Mid90s star Olan Prenatt would crash the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas. In The Berrics' latest interview piece, Olan came through, spoke with some of streetwear's emerging brands and designers, and picked out his favorite pieces.

Olan Prenatt pulled up to the trade show after a long night of "losing at the casinos" and scoured the floor checking through the brand booths that caught his eye. He continued his losing streak, dropping a round on a ping pong table to streetwear veteran jeffstaple. Olan then turned his attention to the place where he's been winning, creating a makeshift skate set-up and grabbing his board. He pulled off an ollie over a table, nose-grinded a ledge, and laid down and glided under a desk all right in front of the venue's closely attentive security guards.

Check out the video above, then watch legendary skater Tony Hawk in his new Battle Commander part.

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