Bethesda Releases Six-Minute Trailer for ‘Doom Eternal’ “Battlemode” Multiplayer

Bethesda Softworks and developer id Software released a new six-minute trailer showcasing its new Battlemode multiplayer for the upcoming Doom Eternal. Battlemode sees players control on of five Demons, each with their own unique abilities, weapons, and health. In the footage above, we see three of the five demons in action taking out a player-controlled Slayer. Once the Slayer is killed or the Slayer kills the Demon, the match is won.

Here is an overview of Battlemode, via Bethesda Softworks:

Battlemode is Doom Eternal’s all-new two-versus-one multiplayer mode. Developed in-house at id Software, Battlemode features all the fast, frenetic and ferocious combat that defines Doom’s single-player. Fight across six unique arenas with five playable demons—ALL future maps and playable demons will be free for all players.

Play as either a fully loaded Doom Slayer, or on a team of two player-controlled demons. The Slayer and the demons’ objective may be the same – destroy the other side – but their playstyles are entirely different. Which side will reign victorious?

Doom Eternal will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on November 22.

In other gaming news, Modern Warfare dropped a 24-minute gameplay video.

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