RL Grime announces debut Sable Valley tour: Research & Development

RL Grime announces debut Sable Valley tour: Research & DevelopmentAmf18a 077

When people think trap music, they think RL Grime.

Ever since Henry Steinway departed from his open-format moniker Clockwork in favor of the RL Grime banner, he has served as the paragon of heavy bass. With numerous genre-defining hits like “Core” and “Tell Me,” his anvil-drops are now the basis point for the genre, and in 2019 he’s using that universal reverence to help curate rising artists via his imprint Sable Valley.

At this point, the label only has less than ten official releases in its catalog, but Steinway just announced a tour that might give a glimpse into what’s coming in the near future for Sable Valley.

The tour is entitled Research & Development, and it features a series of well-known bass enthusiasts like Baauer, Whipped Cream, KITTENS, Boombox Cartel, and more. So far, seven dates are listed with three more stops currently under wraps. Denver, Brooklyn, Dallas, and Atlanta are locked in to see the Sable Valley crew, with more stops around the US very likely to be announced soon.

View the full roster and schedule for the Research & Development tour below. Tickets have yet to go on sale, but you can sign up for info on the official Sable Valley website

RL Grime announces debut Sable Valley tour: Research & DevelopmentEBvvDSUcAIOMi9

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