‘The Matrix’ Returning to Theaters to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Though Warner Bros. already issued timely remasterings for The Matrix's 20th anniversary, the first film in the storied series is receiving another special nod. Select American theaters will soon host a week-long engagement for the remastered movie, showcasing the elevated audio and picture quality.

The Matrix premiered in March 1999, and has since influenced countless franchises and action films in its wake, almost certainly including the John Wick series, which also stars Keanu Reeves. Its return to theaters is at least partly intended to demonstrate the power of Dolby's Vision and Atmos technologies, both of which have already been utilized to improve the currently-available iterations of The Matrix. However, this is the first time the upgraded film has graced the silver screen, allowing fans an immersive view of The Matrix's once-cutting-edge special effects and dynamic gunfights.

AMC's Dolby Cinemas will host a one-week run of The Matrix beginning on August 30. No word on whether the next films in the series (or The Animatrix) will receive similar engagements, but then again, The Matrix: Reloaded didn't release until 2003. For now, watch the remastered Matrix announcement trailer above.

Rumors recently spread about the Wachowski siblings' involvement in a possible fourth Matrix movie.

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