Curtiss’ Latest Creation Carries a Bullet-Shaped Battery

Curtiss continues its progressive and futuristic approach to electric motorcycle design with its latest creation -- the Hades.

The minimal bike features a long stance with girder style suspension at the front and a horizontal mono-shock setup in the rear. The leather seat appears to float as two large bug-eyed brake lights are incorporated into the rear. Powering the bike is a 399 VDC, 16.8 kWh battery that is housed in a bullet-shaped casing that sits just below where the gas tank normally is in a combustion bike; this battery is connected to a massive 217 hp motor.

The Hades will begin production next year and will be offered for a premium price of $75,000 USD.

In other news, the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette has been officially revealed.

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