Rannel Ngumuya Holds Surreal Exhibition in LA

Rising LA-based artist Rannel Ngumuya continues to garner attention on social media for his time-lapse process videos that showcase his surrealistic portraits of celebrities. From sand pouring out of Jaden Smith’s eyes to Billie Eilish wrapped in cobwebs and chains, Rangel's digital montages are truly out of this world.

The 22-year-old creative recently launched an exhibition entitled “Forms of Aesthetic Distortion” at the D.O.M. gallery in Los Angeles, California. Realizing his digital pieces as framed artworks, the presentation showcases a diverse cast of A-listers — many of who the artist considers as “musical artists who’ve contributed to the growth and formation of hip hop culture,” he said.

The exhibition is on view until July 15 at the address below. Accompanying the show are exclusive merchandise largely comprised of graphic tees in varying colors. View the slideshow above and then visit Rannel’s website for more projects.

"Forms of Aesthetic Distortion"
700 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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