Billie Eilish Offers a Peek Inside Her Huge Tour Closet

Of all the many facets that distinguish Billie Eilish from other pop stars, her wardrobe may be the most distinctive. The 17 year-old singer has developed an inimitable on- and off-stage look comprised of relaxed silhouettes, bright colors and bold graphics, informing a surprisingly vast wardrobe -- most of which she apparently brings on tour, as we see in HYPEBAE's video interview.

Eilish shows off an enormous selection of wearables while on tour in Canada, encompassing both camera-ready and laid-back looks (the latter includes a pair of leather pants emblazoned with sequined "FUCK U MAN" verbiage). She explains her predilection for certain garments, particularly shorts: "I always wear shorts -- I cannot wear pants -- on stage. But they're not like shorts, normally past the knee around here-ish," she says, gesturing below the knee. Eilish also teases a forthcoming Siberia Hills collaboration and shows off a baggie full of diamond jewelry. "I have very ratchet ways [of storing]... jewelry," she laughs.

Watch Eilish break down her garments and accessories above.

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