Producer Sessions 013: The Bloody Beetroots release a ‘Heavy’ extended play of new sounds [INTERVIEW]

Producer Sessions 013: The Bloody Beetroots release a ‘Heavy’ extended play of new sounds [INTERVIEW]Enlight329

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, better known as the brainchild behind The Bloody Beetroots, has released his new Heavy EP. The Italian musician teased his new extended play with two collaborations: one with G-House hero, Dr. Fresch, called “Fkn Face,” that throws down as hard as the name implies and the other with Ephwurd, “Wildchild,” featuring heavy electro bass mayhem with guitar fills.

The Heavy EP is the first project since The Bloody Beetroot’s The Great Electronic Swindle in 2017, which merged rock elements with electronic music for a more electronic take on heavy metal.

Rifo took some to answer some questions about producing the EP.

What made you take the EP in this direction?

I felt the need to steer the project into a more electronic space. I love experimenting with new genres and finding a sound that belongs to me. That really resonates.

Did you have any inspirations for the album?

Just the music. It always drives me. I really explored with the new contemporary electronic texture and mixed it with the original TBB sound. I had a lot of fun.

What made you chose your collaborators?

Innovation and originality. The guys are on the EP are great!

Do you have a typical production process? If so, what is it?

I hate being in the studio for more than two hours a day. I’m a musician first and producer second, so all my ideas come by talking to people and living a life full of passions and hobbies. I start with a story, then I randomly mess around with synths and samplers on Ableton until I get a solid draft. That’s the foundation and I move from there.

What song took you the longest to make and why?

I don’t like to overthink it. ...

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