YBN Cordae & Chance the Rapper Use Past Pain as Inspiration for “Bad Idea”

Back in April, YBN Cordae debuted two videos for "Have Mercy" to introduce his anticipated studio album The Lost Boy. Continuing his forthcoming LP's promotional campaign and rollout, the talented young lyricist is teaming up with Chance the Rapper, SiR and Ant Clemons for a Bongo-produced The Lost Boy single known as "Bad Idea." Notably, Cordae and Chance the Rapper's "Bad Idea" collaboration comes to us in audio and visual form, with Apluz Filmz stepping in to handle directorial duties for the record's official music video.

"My brother Chance, you know, did it. Killed the verse, murdered the verse. I really loved the song. It's one of my favorite songs," YBN Cordae tells Zane Lowe, sharing his thoughts on his latest single and revealing its back-story for an exclusive interview with Beats 1. "We was both in Coachella. He just came up to me, show love, you know. I just told him ... He's one of the people that inspire me. Took each other's numbers down. I flew to Chicago actually to get the song done."

According to Cordae, "Bad Idea" and its lyrical content are particularly meaningful and come from an intensely personal place. "The opening lines to the song is, 'I know myself far too well to be a stranger of pain.' I freestyled that line. That's like immediately what I thought of when I heard that beat. Meaning like, you know, 'I know what I've been through. Everything that I've witnessed, everything that I've been to to act like I don't know myself.' And that's really essentially what the song is about," Cordae explains. "It has like good home vibes, good summer vibes, like good nostalgic feeling to it. But like, not in a forceful way, cause I feel like now everybody's ...

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