Apple Accidentally Leaks a Major iPhone iOS 13 Upgrade

Apple has put out a well-timed leak of an upcoming upgrade feature coming with iOS 13 and the subsequent new iPhone 11. The first beta of the operating system showcases a new recovery mode screen for iPhones, which replaces the Lightning cable prominently featured in iOS12 for a USB-C icon and a MacBook visual instead.

Apple has usually kept its products in an eco-sphere of its own products, like the iPhone exclusive Lightning cable charger. However, the widely used USB-C being featured shows a change in Apple's business model could be coming. Initially reported by Raphaël Mouton, the cord would produce faster iPhone charging as well as increased compatibility with new MacBooks and PCs instantly. With iPads moving to USB-C last year and MacBooks using the cable, this could bring iPhones into the fold of utilizing the connector as well, much like Samsung.

Although the graphic confirms nothing, Apple has planed well-timed leaks when new iPhone models were forthcoming, and since many believe the newly designed iPhone 11 will ship with iOS 13 that the new handheld will utilize USB-C connectivity.

In other tech news, Samsung has shared a statement on the Galaxy Fold's launch date.

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