This Video Shows How 5G Is Almost 28 Times Faster Than 4G

Tech blogger George L. Koroneos recently took to Twitter to show off how much faster a 5G data connection is compared to the current 4G tech that most people use.

In a video featuring a 5G-enabled Samsung Galaxy S10, Koroneos runs an internet speed test with the phone whilst connected via 5G, and the results are stunning: the download speed peaked at 1098 Mbps — almost 1GB per second. While several internet service providers such as AT&T or Google Fiber already provide gigabit internet speeds to your home via fiber optics, a wireless data connection speed at 1Gbps is unprecedented. The average 4G LTE connection only provides around speeds of 20Mbps, and even 4G LTE-Advanced connections top off at roughly 40Mbps, meaning the new 5G connectivity is almost 28 times faster than its predecessor.

Of course, to capitalize on a 5G connection, you'll need a 5G-enabled device. Samsung has plans to release a new S10 some time this year, while Apple appears to be bound by a deal with Qualcomm and won't be releasing a 5G iPhone until at least 2020. Alternative, LG and Huawei both also have plans to release a 5G smartphone some time soon.

The full video is linked below, and for more tech news, Japan is running out of telephone numbers.

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