‘Fortnite’ Leaks Reveal ‘John Wick’ Skin & Game Mode

After collaborating with Marvel on for Avengers: Endgame by introducing Thanos game modes and Avengers-related skins and items, Epic Games' Fortnite is back at it again with another movie collaboration. This time, the massive battle royale game looks to be promoting the upcoming release of John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, and leaks online show us just what the collaboration may look like.

Upon discovering John Wick's house in Paradise Palms — a map in Fortnite — by Reddit users, data miners immediately went to work, digging up whatever they can about it, which eventually led to the current leaks. These leaks show that two John Wick skins will be coming to the game: the first is John Wick in his normal black suit and white shirt; the second is the same outfit but in a battle-worn damaged condition. You'll also get to use the master assassin's new rifle from Chapter 3 — the Taran Tactical SIG MPX. Images of the gold tokens that assassins earn in the movie were also discovered, which apparently relate to a limited-time game mode where players will team up to eliminate other bounty hunters to earn tokens. The datamined information suggests that players can only be killed three times before they're eliminated from the game. However, the more tokens you get, the harder the game becomes, as certain leaders in the game will be marked on the map, making them bigger targets and easier to find and kill.

The dataminers also found certain mentions of the Continental — the hotel in John Wick housing assassins — but there's yet to be further information on how the establishment will relate to the game, so stay tuned for more information to come as Fortnite announces the collaboration officially.

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