deadmau5 makes his BBC Essential Mix debut as Testpilot [Stream]

deadmau5 makes his BBC Essential Mix debut as Testpilot [Stream]Movement 2017 Daily TrevorDernai 34

It’s been quite a while since deadmau5 recorded a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: 11 years, to be exact. The producer last put forth an individual Essential Mix in 2008, but now rejoins the Essential Mix circuit, to debut his first BBC mix as Testpilot. Testpilot’s inaugural BBC showing is exactly what listeners familiar with deadmau5’s industrially oriented alias would expect: smooth, seamless scaling of the house to tech-house continuum, with some idiosyncratic Testpilot reworks of deadmau5 originals to boot.

The two hour-long effort weaves releases from signature underground imprints like Adam Beyer’s Drumcode, and Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings with house and techno renditions of deadmau5 classics, like “Imaginary Friends” and “The Veldt” during the first hour. Deadmau5’s comparatively more recent Rob Swire collaboration, “Monophobia” too receives a Testpilot nod. Testpilot eventually gives way to deadmau5 in the final hour of the BBC Essential Mix, in audible credit to deadmau5’s ability to glide from one artistic identity to the next.

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