Petition emerges seeking Keith Flint statue to be erected in Essex, England

Petition emerges seeking Keith Flint statue to be erected in Essex, EnglandKeith Flint

A petition has been launched to erect a statue of The Prodigy frontman and founding member Keith Flint in his hometown of Essex, England. Earlier this month, Flint was found dead in his home just a few short months before the group was about to embark on a North American tour. Fellow co-founder of The Prodigy, Liam Howlett confirmed that the 49-year-old vocalist took his own life.

Flint was a legendary figure in the electronic dance music scene, and The Prodigy is known for bringing underground British dance music into the mainstream, undoubtedly changing the course of the genre. Now, a petition for a statue to be erected was started by Saphya Gower, hosted on 38 Degrees.

“The plan will be when it reaches a monumental amount of signatures to present it to the council and see what they may be able to discuss/contribute. It’s early days yet obviously but hopefully the outcome will be the right one. My parents generation had the Beatles & The Rolling Stones. My generation had The Prodigy, Manchester has Oasis, Braintree has The Prodigy,” the petition reads.

The petition currently has 6,042 of the 7,000 signatures it is seeking.

Photo Credit: Ed Jones / Agence France-Presse

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