Premiere: Sian soundtracks dystopia on relentless new track, ‘Breathe’

Premiere: Sian soundtracks dystopia on relentless new track, ‘Breathe’Sian Breathe Premiere Single

As the commander-in-techno of genre guardian Octopus Recordings, Sian has been busy helping a fresh crop of up-and-comers like Shelley Johannson and Hidden Empire tear down clubs and warehouses across the world . In case any in the underground needed their memories jogged, the legend continues his recent release streak with ‘Breathe”–a lethal reminder of his studio prowess.

In true Sian fashion, the track is a relentless exercise in aural hypnotism, riding a pounding kick and warehouse-ready percussion as the song title is chanted rhythmically in the background. As the breakdown approaches, inhalations and exhalations mirror the listener’s brief, anticipated break from the mayhem–but a piercing arp keeps the energy twisting and turning long after the drums subside. The second beat section layers the hissing analog top line over Sian’s full dose of bass, creating a unique mid-track crescendo that’s sure to demolish unsuspecting crowds. Sian’s latest is equal parts raw power and mind-warping experiment, and projects to be mainstay for savvy techno selectors as the year draws to a close.

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