5 Types Of Women Who Should Quit Acting Like They’re Supermodels

Charming young ladies are undeniably alluring. Even those who aren’t quite top-shelf certainly can get lots of attention. Those who have good character are a treasure.

For others, unfortunately, it goes to their heads. Since my misspent youth, I’ve noted the absurd results. They don’t realize that the stuck-up act only goes so far before the juice isn’t worth the squeezing. For the following, it wouldn’t hurt to drop the Princess Complex, learn some humility, or at least show human decency.

1. Bar flies

drunk women

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

We’re well aware of why some chicks are frequent fliers at bars and clubs. Using hopeful guys as free drink dispensers is only part of it. The other part involves riding the Cock Carousel.

Early experiences turned me off to night game. Although I’ve had success in later times, still I generally give clubs a miss, focusing instead on day game and social circle game. The cigarette smoke without proper ventilation was unbearable, though fortunately that’s less of a problem these days. Music is still so loud that one must scream to make oneself understood. Finally, I don’t go for the “buy me a drink” trick, but I don’t like paying exorbitant prices for my own beverages.

The worst part of clubbing, though, is unfriendly attitudes. There are countermeasures for cockblocking, AMOGs, and the good old Bitch Shield. Still, all that makes “partying” a pain in the ass. Why pay a cover charge for a night of aggravation? That’s irrational. As for sex ratios, often there are considerably more guys, and it’s understandable why women would take advantage of the situation. On the other hand, I don’t feel like wasting my time and money trying to game chicks in a social venue who pretend they ...

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