Advice On Giving Advice To People

Giving advice to people is a challenge at times. Instead of being grateful for your advice, some people spit in your face, and call you some names. What gives?

Say that you’re trying to give your mother or a friend some advice. Maybe on nutrition, or maybe financial advice. How does that go for you? If you answered, “terrible”, you’re on the same boat as me. Try as I might, people that would benefit the most will not take my advice on anything. They call you a know it all, but they’re the ones guilty of that.

I tried to give my mom basic nutrition advice a few years ago. I told her, “Stop eating ice cream and drinking soda” as she was getting her daily dose (this was 16-year-old me, if you care). Do you know what she did? She doubled down! As in, she ate double the ice cream! What the hell? I can understand just ignoring me, but going twice as hard on something that is obviously bad for you?

Not my mom

It feels like it’s always the same when I give anyone any advice. The people that need it the most won’t listen. How do we deal with this? Let’s go over a few things that I have done that to keep my sanity (for the most part)

1. Accept that some people won’t ever listen

Don’t even try

Some people just won’t listen. And that’s fine. Just let them fall. That sound harsh, but it’s for the best. We can’t save everyone with life-saving advice.

A know-it-all tells you she majors in creative writing? Just let it happen. A close buddy won’t listen to your marriage advice? He’ll have to learn the hard way. Your energy should not be dumped into these people. Your energy can …

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