4 Ways We Spoil Ourselves Rotten

There’s a pattern I’ve noticed in some of my own friends and people I’ve met and followed throughout the years. It’s a pattern that has led to their unhappiness with life. They are perpetually malcontent, even to the point of depression. And it’s something they’ve brought on themselves.

When thinking of these people I’m reminded of Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She gets everything she wants but she always wants more. Her dad always gets her more. Other people in the film comment about Veruca that she’s been spoiled rotten. That’s exactly what happens to these people I know. You likely know people who have been spoiled rotten too, or it is the source of your own malcontent.

Worst of all, and unlike Veruca Salt whose father spoiled her, these people have spoiled themselves rotten. Here are the four primary ways people do that.

1. Food

You’ve probably known people who eat out most meals. When they do cook at home they make something you’d only ever eat at a fancy restaurant; eggplant risotto or quails drowned in butter or a souffle or something along those lines. Eating in this way drains your bank account but people do it just because they can because they are adults and nobody can tell them no.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this if you can always afford it or get your way, but for most people, that’s not likely. Eating out gets expensive and cooking these foods takes time and effort and skills most don’t have. It’s hard for these people to eat something simple like a PB & J sandwich or scrambled eggs. Foods most of us just eat for energy and ease and because it’s cheap. These foodies get spoiled by their own food choices and become ...

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