4 Cosmetic Fixes That Can Make You Significantly More Attractive To Women

We live in the age of social media and celebrity glorification. Facebook, Instagram, and the Kardashians have effectively distorted our perception of beauty. Instagram in particular. It’s picture editing capabilities, combined with selfie manipulation techniques, falsely enhances one’s physical attributes:  butts look bigger, eyes appear brighter, skin seems clearer, six-packs more defined, and so forth.

The media incessantly shoves down our throats their degenerate archetypal interpretation of beauty. Someone with an untrained eye might get the impression that everyone around them is attractive, wealthy, and living a more fun life than them. Fortunately, most people have become aware of the tricks and cheap gimmicks that are employed by attention whores to embellish their lifestyle and sex appeal. In fact, once you become privy to the illusion social media and the entertainment industry perpetuates, you come to realize that the majority of people around you, minus a very fortunate and microscopic amount, are painfully average looking.

Everyone has at least one, sometimes multiple perceived cosmetic defects according to our modern day society’s beauty standards.  It’s my contention that as long as a man has no glaring or atypical physical or facial deformities; if he addresses these four physical characteristics, he’ll at a minimum be considered “not ugly”. Very often, fixing just one of these chinks in the armor can morph an ordinary looking man into a proper heart-throb. Below are four relatively uncomplicated measures that have the potential to dramatically improve one’s physical appearance.

1. Teeth & Smile

Remarkable: the mangled teeth version of Tom Cruise on literal face value alone would likely struggle on Tinder if it not for his celebrity appeal.

A study has confirmed what we already know – that a white and evenly spaced set of teeth makes people seem more attractive. But it has also …

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