11 Online Personalities You Should Follow

Online personalities have helped in many positive ways to shape society, change minds, and encourage more libertarian-esque or conservative values. Ever since YouTube became a well-known website, it made way for new and better voices that have reached in the millions.

What is the irony that capitalism allowed these corporations to gain access to monopoly and then stomp out capitalism by means of total domination? While there is pushback, it may not be enough. The censorship of right-leaning voices grows seemingly daily and monopoly clearly plays its role in this.

However, there are some voices out there you may not have heard of. And you may want to follow them before they are potentially censored.

1. Mark Dice

Mark Dice has been known for his ‘conspiracy theories’ about the illuminati and secret Satanic organizations. Personally, I find some of it to be farfetched but that’s just my view. However, he has made humorous content in criticism of the mainstream, centralized media. He’s also been big, more so in the past, on criticizing the dominant pop culture and the political madness within it.

He has a very humorous t-shirt that he sells, which reads: “Liberalism: Find A Cure.” I own it. It’s great.

2. Red Ice Radio

Red Ice Radio, as they’ve discussed before, started out in the more ‘conspiracy theories’ arena, questioning the powers which be and exploring a variety of topics. Over the years they’ve explored the heavier hitting topics and openly discussed the taboo. They’ve talked about the JQ (Jewish question), race and demographics change, the corruption of the European governments, etc. They’ve interviewed many controversial characters including pastor Jesse Lee Peterson, white nationalist Richard Spencer, and Holocaust revisionist David Cole.

They are a bold group and have influenced quite a few folks. I happen to be …

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