How A 23-Year-Old College Dropout Makes $10,000/Month Trading Bitcoin

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I remember the last job I had, before deciding to say “fuck all” and walk off into the sunset. It was at a tanning salon, funny enough, and the gig seemed great. I was 21 years old at the time, and it paid $10 an hour, gave me free tanning, and best of all there was only one other guy that worked there…good, right? Dead wrong.

Within a week, the shiny veneer of this new job wore off, and countless squabbles between female employees began to emerge. There was drama everywhere you looked—drama over this, drama over that. How the hell is a man supposed to navigate this feminized workplace nowadays when a single look or comment can get you fired?

He’s not… and that’s something myself and many other men are beginning to realize. If you want to TRULY be financially successful in today’s world, you need to develop an income you can control. You cannot allow your financial freedom to be tied to some massive conglomerate with a feminist-laden HR department, ready to fire you at the very first chance they get. You need to take things into your own hands, and that’s exactly what I did.

My Story (And How I Made $3,000 in the Past 14 Hours)

My first YouTube video (before I knew how to make money online)

Yesterday I netted $3,000 from a single Dogecoin trade (yes, that’s right—the coin with a Shiba Inu on it). I saw an ascending wedge, a direct correlation with Bitcoin’s incoming bounce, and my private trading group had heard rumors of a new exchange listing. So, I pulled the trigger. It went up 40% in less than a day.

I remember the exact moment it happened, too. I ...

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